Workout Day 32!


P90X – Yoga X
Total Time = 98 Minutes

Feeling good and feeling worked.  Yoga was pretty good today.  Not great, but good.  We got up and had to get right to work on some stuff.  Then we took a break to do our yoga.  Problem is, we were already in work mode.  Couldn’t really avoid it today.  I found myself going in and out of concentration.  At times I was locked in with my breath and working the poses well.  At other times, I was thinking about all of the work that I need to get to today.  That threw me off a bit.  I know I need to learn to quiet the mind regardless of when I do my yoga.  That is one of the things I need to work on most… both in yoga and life in general.  So, I have goals and I am working towards them.  Nevertheless, I completed the full yoga class today and I am proud of myself that I followed through and fought to stay in the moment.  The work will truly pay off and hey… we are just a work in progress and we need to accept that along our journey.  Now it is time to get cranking though!  Lot’s of work to do today plus a big fashion shoot at our studio this afternoon.  Life is good.  Have a beautiful day friends!

Workout Day 31!


P90X – Back and Biceps
P90X – Ab Ripper X
Total Time = 73 Minutes

Yep… I felt that!  Today’s back and bicep workout was intense to say the least.  Probably the hardest weight workout I have done in the program thus far.  I pushed it to failure every time and now I am jello.  Add in the Ab ripper X and I am officially toast! haha.  But feeling phenomenal!  Yesterday’s Plyometrics kicked my butt as well and I was very sore from that today.  I powered through it and although every muscle on my body is shaking at the moment, I truly feel like I have pushed myself to the X-treme!  Having a little power up food right now and then we gotta hit the road for a business meeting.  Have a fantastic and productive day!

Workout Day 30!

I just finished DAY 30 of the P90X Program!  1/3 Down and feeling GREAT!

P90X – Plyometrics
Total Time = 64 Minutes

The mother of all P90X Workouts?! You got THAT right Tony H!  Plyometrics is a BEAST!  This is now the 4th Plyo workout that I have completed and it is just as intense as it was the first time.  I’ll tell you this much… I would NEVER be able to push myself that hard on my own.  I was sweating hard, breathing hard, and my heart rate was up!  If this doesn’t get me in fighting shape, I don’t know what will.  Gotta love hitting it hard on a Sunday afternoon.  Time to shower up, eat, and enjoy the day.  Wishing you all a beautiful day as well.

Workout Day 29!

It’s actually another 2-a-day!

P90X  –  X Stretch
Total Time = 63 Minutes

In my attempt to get caught up from last weekend’s days off… plus my rejuvenated love for stretching, I decided to throw in an extra one tonight.  The final X Stretch was all I was missing from last week’s program and I thought tonight was a perfect place to throw it in.  I feel absolutely amazing right now.  And tomorrow we are back on Plyometrics and that is one tough workout, so I should be nice and loose when I wake up.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Workout Day 28!

Back to the weights!

P90X – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
P90X – Ab Ripper X
Total Time = 77 Minutes

It felt great to get back into the weight training today!  But taking a week to focus on stretching, yoga, and core was quite amazing as well.  My flexibility is improving and that is helping with ALL of my workouts.  Today’s workout switched up the muscle groups as well as introduced new exercises.  I think that is great because shocking your muscles is the most effective way to get gains.  Often while at the gym, I find myself doing the same ‘ole routine with a lot of my body parts.  So I welcomed the new.  Some of the stuff we did today was intense!  It took a minute to learn some of these new moves, but I was burning my muscles hard.  I especially enjoyed all of the new shoulder moves… I definitely felt my shoulders get a workout like they never have.  And I usually hit my shoulders hard at the gym, including very heavy weight with shrugs.  But I can guarantee that I will be sore tomorrow!  I also felt a great swell in my chest from some of the new pushups that we did.  And of course Ab Ripper X is back as well and that was rad.  Overall, I am feeling awesome.  And now I must go because we are about to do a fashion photo shoot here at our studio.  Btw… tomorrow is the Fit Expo here in L.A.  Mary and I plan on stopping by for a bit.  Hope to see some of you crazy kids there!  🙂

Workout Day 27!

Gooood morning Yoga!

P90X – Yoga X
Total Time = 98 Minutes

Despite working a really long day yesterday going well into the evening, I was able to pull it together early this morning and get my yoga practice in.  I am still fighting for my goal of an early workout schedule and I am slowly getting there.  Yoga was good this morning.  My back has been really tight this week, so I gave myself permission to go easy on a few of the poses that put strain on the back.  But in the other poses I went hard and feel like I had a great morning workout… and it was a great way to start the day.

Getting some work done here at the studio now and then I’m off to a big media networking lunch.  Then back here to keep on cranking into the night.  Ahhh… hard work is good work.  Have a great day!

This is MY Recovery Drink!

On the P90X program, Mr. Tony Horton often refers to the importance of the recovery drink after a workout.  While I have never tried the P90X recovery drink, I do agree that there is a place for some added nourishment to help recover from workouts.  Now I’m not knocking the P90X drink because I have never tried it nor do I even know what is in it.  But I did want to share what I use to help with my recovery.  It is all natural, minimally processed, and 100% delicious…

We are working out hard here people and we need to replace fluids and electrolytes regularly to help avoid headaches, muscle cramping, and fatigue.  Throughout history, coconut water has been used to prevent and treat dehydration as coconut water contains some of the same electrolytes found in blood and is an incredible source of Potassium.  Products like Gatorade have added sugar, sodium, flavoring, and coloring.  Who wants all that junk?!  For over a thousand years people living in the tropics have used coconut water for a variety of purposes – including as an energy drink and a rehydration aid.  Coconut water has been directly injected into the bloodstream for transfusions in wartime emergencies.  The coconut palm is known as the Tree of Life in many cultures, and celebrated for its magical, life enhancing qualities.

So… after I hit it hard, I like to sip on some good ‘ole coconut water to help in my recovery.  There are several brands out there and you can find coconut water at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc.  It’s nature’s Gatorade!  Enjoy!


Workout Day 26!

Yeah baby!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

That was hard ‘core’. 😉  I haven’t sweated this much since the last Plyometrics workout.  I feel awesome right now!  When I did Core Synergistics a few days ago, it was intense… but it was my first time following that workout so I not only was learning the new moves, but was also in the process of keeping the focus on the core.  Today I had the moves down and I worked extra hard to keep my core muscles engaged the entire time.  Let me tell you that it was a lot harder but A LOT more effective.  I also feel that adding the X Stretch last night as a 2nd workout of the day really helped me this morning because my body was more fluid and I was able to jump in easier.  I am feeling great and ready to continue tackling the day.  I think I may throw a couple more posts in today though.  Stay tuned and have an amazing day!

Workout Day 25!

2 Up… 2 Down!

P90X  –  X Stretch
Total Time = 63 Minutes

X Stretch… as Tony says, “was just what the doctor ordered”.  I am proud to say, I got 2 workouts in today.  The stretch was good for my body tonight and I was able to go pretty deap into some of the stretches.  Feeling good overall… loose… happy… and now hungry! Goodnight.  🙂

Workout Day 24!

I’m feelin’ it again!

P90X – Kenpo X
Total Time = 64 Minutes

Back to Kenpo X this morning and I am firmly back in my workout groove.  I had a good sweat and I am quite alert and inspired to keep working a long and productive day.

I noticed during today’s workout that my legs are beginning to open up more.  Over the years, I have always been tight in my hip flexors and groin.  But between the yoga, stretching, and kenpo, my legs are much looser.  Normally when I do a wide leg stretch I feel a tight pain in my legs.  But today I noticed that not only was it not tight… it was totally loose… no pain at all, just stretch.  I am feeling it and it feels good.  I foresee some more new goals coming soon! 😉

Ok… time to eat, I am starving.  I feel so good that I plan to get in the next workout on my program today.  That happens to be the Stretch X and it is coming at a perfect time.  Have a beautiful day friends… I’ll be back in a bit!