I started this blog for 2 reasons… inspiration and accountability.  Both of which I seek for myself as well as others.  I have made the commitment to live a cleaner and leaner lifestyle.  This is something that I am doing with Mary…. my wife, workout partner, teammate, business partner, and best friend.

There are not many greater gifts than that of inspiration.  People can move mountains with the right inspiration.  And so I am here to deliver a message of peace, love, health, and happiness.  I am here to share my journey and experiences, to educate, to learn, to grow, to keep myself as well as others accountable to live a healthier and more positive lifestyle, and to help us all reach our goals and beyond.

I have been into health and fitness since I was an early teen in high school. After spending the years from 6th – 8th grade as a chubby kid, I vowed to never to go back.  I feel that over the years I have consistently been in good shape. However, I feel that I have never reached the level of what I would consider to be ‘amazing’ shape.  I spent a lot of my early years trying to bulk up and get strong, but a lot of my heavy lifting mixed with not the greatest of form has worn on my body. I also play drums, so it is very important that I am able to continue playing without pain. Several years ago, I actually quit lifting weights altogether for the sake of being able to play drums and save my joints. But just doing only cardio for years was draining me. I missed the weights. I missed the feeling of the pump and that great endorphin rush that only a great lifting workout could give me. So I got back into it a few years ago.  I feel like I am in good condition now, but I also feel like I have plateaued. I want to be shredded! I want to be more flexible. And I want more endurance, stamina, and overall better cardiovascular health.  Those are my goals.  What are yours?

I have recently made changes in my life to commit to a higher level of health and fitness.  First, my wife and I have eliminated animal products from our diet.  This is something we have been researching and after watching some very eye opening documentaries, we decided that this would be the best for our health and lives.
Second, we have committed to a new, higher level of working out.  I have been a gym rat for a long time.  I love hitting it at the gym, but there are drawbacks.  It can be challenging to coordinate the space and equipment needed for an intense workout.  Plus the drive to & from the gym can take away productive time in a day.  Personally I also feel that my body is needing something different than I have been getting at the gym.  Not just to shock my muscles with something new, but to work out more properly for the overall health and longevity of my body.  So I am going to be incorporating all kinds of new workouts and adventures and I can’t wait to share them all.

I really have no idea where this blog will go… it could go in endless directions.  I’m just gonna share… everything from recipes to movie recommendations to my own daily workouts.  We’ll just see how this evolves.  Feel free to give your input, share your stories, etc.  Let’s make this an interactive place where we can achieve great things.

Here’s to our journey.

Peace & Love,
Justin Sandler

Endurance is how much you can do… Stamina is fighting through the pain to get there.

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  1. Hey Justin, thank you for taking the time to share. Trying to figure out a direction for a health change myself and your thoughts and experiences are helpful. All the best to you.

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