Juice Cleanse! Day 12-14!

Well this blog is certainly tardy… my apologies. The official ‘cleanse’ ended on Sunday… but I haven’t stopped! And it’s not that I’m trying to extend the cleanse, it’s that I’ve tapped into a greater understanding of how my body works… and I dig it.

Over the last week of my cleanse, my schedule began filling up with a lot of work and it hasn’t lightened up since. This forced me to adapt the 2nd round of the cleanse to a juice and food combo plan. So cruising into the last 3 days, I really didn’t change much, starting every day with a green juice and then eating clean all day. Since then and right up til now, I have been having 1-2 juices every day and have been following an eating plan consisting of mostly alkaline foods, heavily concentrated on veggies and plant-based protein sources, plus some clean carbs an hour after my morning workout.

We threw a big birthday party for my beautiful Mary on Sunday, which happened to be ‘Day 14’ of the plan. Well… it was a birthday party so we had to indulge just a little. It was also a nice reward for such good discipline over the past 2 weeks. Even in indulgence, the food was pretty clean as it was a vegan potluck party. I made my yummy homemade vegan pasta… which I should share in a recipe blog one day. (note to self)  We also couldn’t resist a homemade vegan cookie and some vegan bday cake. 😉  But the next morning, it was juice first thing and right back on schedule.

I can honestly say at this point that my body has changed more in the last couple weeks than it has in the last year. After eating an all vegan and organic diet for over a year, my body has been on a nice steady detox I have been feeling great. Doing this juice cleanse and further adapting my diet has been essential in reaching for the next step of my fitness and health goals. I have been working out daily as well and trying some new routines from P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire. My mornings have been starting with good workouts and my days have been great throughout. I’m in the groove in my daily schedule and I have more clarity of my goals. I guess some of the meditation during my cleanse helped my spirit while the juice helped my body. It’s also amazing how the right fitness plan can help make my life that much more organized and disciplined.

I love juicing and it’s been fun trying new combinations and making new and different drinks. I came up with some great juice recipes that I will share in blogs coming soon. As always, I will keep sharing my progress as well as the things I feel are working for me. If what I do inspires you, than that’s awesome. But always listen to your body and do what works best for you. The human body is pretty amazing. If you treat it right, it will start to speak to you and you will become more in tune with your own vibrations. The only result that will lead to is better health.

I’m absolutely blessed for everything in my life right now and I thank you for sharing my journey with me.


“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” -Nido Qubein

Juice Cleanse! Day 11!

I gotta say I feel great today. The juicing and foods I’m eating are simply just making me feel good. Today is Day 11 on this journey. I treated today like it was day 12 which is supposed to be the start of the… ‘1 juice in the morning and clean eating all day’ part of the plan. So instead of doing that for the last 3 days, I will maintain that for the last 4 days. It is working well for my body as well as my current increased work schedule. I also used up the last of our veggies in our juice this morning, so it just seemed like it was meant to be. We will need a veggie restock tomorrow to carry on through the next 3 days, however.

Here is how today’s juice started…

Juice 1-17

This recipe was inspired by… finishing off everything in the fridge. lol
Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy, Dandelion Root, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon, Lime, Ginger

This made us a pretty hearty juice and was a good start to the day. I then made a plant-based protein shake (organic brown rice protein) and hit my workout. Today I killed P90X Chest & Back and then tried a few new Ab exercises. Following the workout I had another protein shake with greens. Other food today included tempeh, raw spouted sesame flax crackers, a big salad from the Whole Foods organic bar, and another protein shake. I also had a Kombucha drink with Blue-Green Algae and chia seeds plus of course lots of alkaline water. Everything going in is very clean and the combinations of how I eat them have also been important. I’m trying to keep as much of the food I eat separate from each other to give my system the most optimum digestion. I took note today and made an interesting observation. When I ate the tempeh by itself, I felt great, when I ate the crackers by themselves, I felt great. When I ate the salad, I did notice a tiny bit of bloating, but that went away quickly. Point being, the salad had a lot of different ingredients in it and it is possible that a couple of them didn’t work well together in my body at the same time. A salad is still probably one of the best meals one can eat, however, the more ingredients jammed into it, the more likely there may be conflicts in the digestion process. It just goes to show how important ALL of our food combining is. But that is a whole different lesson for a different time.

Anyway, long story short is that all is well and the next few days will be filled with juice, great clean food, and lots of working out. Tomorrow is Friday… hope you had a great week!

“It is not failure itself that holds you back; it is the fear of failure that paralyzes you.” -Brian Tracy

Juice Cleanse! Day 10!

Rockin’ and Rollin’ through day 10 of cleansing! Although I did eat a decent amount of food today along with my juicing. That’s just the way it has to be as I am now too busy. My alarm went off at 7am today and it was off to the races. After working a bit this morning, I managed to squeeze in a quick workout. I did the Turbo Fire H.I.I.T 15 which was actually a pretty good but quick cardio workout. Then it was off to an appointment, followed by work, followed by band rehearsal. And now I’m finally done for the day and ready to fall on my face. haha.

I drank 3 juices today. The first 2 were made from this…

Juice 1-17

Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery, Dandelion Root, Parsley, Lemon, Lime, and Ginger.

On my way to my afternoon work, I got a good green juice from Whole Foods and a big salad for dinner. I had 2 greens protein shakes as well as ate some other clean snacks today. And of course, lot’s of alkaline water.

This cleanse calls for 1 more day of pure juice and then 3 days of a morning juice and food all day. Since I have modified it anyway, I will just continue to eat as clean as possible and juice as much as possible through the end of the 14 days. And after that… I will continue eating a diet much the same. This has been a great experience thus far and I welcome this new way of eating into my life with open arms.

I hope you had a great day and I bid you goodnight.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” –Henry David Thoreau

P90X – Round 2, Day 82… plus 2 more workouts!

Haven’t been on much in the last few days… time to catch up.

P90X – Cardio X
Total Time = 49 Minutes

Just finished this.  Needed an easy cardio workout today to just keep it going.  I’ve been on the go lately as well as hitting the gym, so this was exactly what I needed today.  Cardio X was on par as usual.

Yesterday… Mary and I hit the beach and rented some bikes down in Venice.  We rode up and down the coast for nearly 2 hours.  It wasn’t a strenuous workout as we were just on some beach cruisers.  But it was still a workout, complete with sun and fresh air.  A very enjoyable way to exercise.  After that, we walked back to our car which happened to be parked in front of Gold’s Gym Venice… a.k.a. The Mecca!  I couldn’t leave without joining the meat heads and pushing some weight.  I did shoulders and triceps for about 45 minutes.  I was going heavy too.  It felt good to hit the heavy weight as that has been more of my goal lately.  Great workout.

And… on Thursday, I worked on the new show “The New Normal”. It will be episode 2 where I am playing a go go dancer.  They had me in nothing but a little pair of CK undies. lol.  I shook my ass and had a blast.  When we wrapped, I was in Hollywood and had some energy, so I busted over to Gold’s Gym Hollywood to hit some legs.  I did about 30-40 minutes straight through as it was already pretty late.  I went heavy… I mean I went heavier than I ever have with legs.  I need to build my leg muscles up the most and the only way that is going to happen is if I really start challenging them.  Again, another great workout.

As you can see from my last few blogs, my trend has been moving more towards heavier weight workouts at the gym lately.  I am just a few days shy of wrapping up my second round of P90X and I need to keep adapting and growing.  All in all… I’m feeling great.  And now on to a productive evening of video editing.  Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

P90X – Round 2, Day 71!

Feelin’ good today!

P90X – Cardio X
Total Time = 49 Minutes

Yesterday’s gym workout was awesome.  I am enjoying the beautiful soreness in my biceps and shoulders as we speak.  In following along with the program, today should have been yoga day.  I admit… I have not done yoga in a while.  I do love yoga, but I got a little burned on the P90X yoga class.  I need more variety in doing yoga and I prefer a class setting better where I can have an instructor and also share the positive energy with others.  Not to say I will not do P90X yoga again, but on days like today, I just don’t want to take 98 minutes away from my day and would rather just burn calories and get back to work.  So today I took an early afternoon break and did Cardio X… which btw, starts with yoga, so I still got some yoga in.  😉

I actually had a great cardio workout today.  Cardio X is not an overly intense workout, but I went harder on each move today.  I just upped the intensity and man, I was sweating like a beast.  A perfect workout for today.  And now I am back to work… plus we have a shoot this evening.  Have a great day!

P90X – Round 2, Day 70!

Modified version… still got something in…

P90X – Plyometrics
Total Time = 64 Minutes  34 minutes

I am sore.  All over.  Chest and Back showing their results from yesterday’s lift.  My legs… still sore from the gym on Friday.  Busy day as well today with a lot of work still to do tonight.  But… I wanted to work out… even something.  I considered resting, but instead popped in Plyomtetrics.  I know… when you feel sore, put on the most intense workout of the program.  lol.  Well the idea was to cut the workout into half the time, but still get the full intensity.  And ya know… this kind of worked.  I did the warmup, and then instead of repeating every round twice, I just did it once and then skipped to the next round.  I did that all the way through until the bonus round and then I finished there strong.  I still was sweating… still out of breath.  But I spared my body from too crazy of a workout as well as shaved a half hour off so I could get back to work.  And that’s where I’m headed now.  I’m in the middle of editing a music video for our newest pop star client.  I’ll share that when it’s done in the next few weeks.  Have a beautiful night!

P90X – Round 2, Day 68!

A little Saturday night workout…

P90X – Cardio X
Total Time = 49 Minutes

I am quite sore today from yesterday’s leg workout at the gym.  It feels great. 🙂  And as I plug through a productive Saturday, I decided a nice cardio workout would do the trick.  So… Cardio X it was.  Just intense enough to get a good sweat going, but not too crazy to kill me and my sore legs.  I feel good and ready for a productive Saturday night of video editing.  I hope you are all having a great weekend!