Juice Cleanse! Day 5!

FOOD DAY! 🙂  Yep, days 5-7 are food days and boy was today awesome. I proudly made it through 4 straight days of nothing but green juices and today was like a special treat. On the food days, we start with a juice and then eat clean veggies and proteins all day, but no sugars, fruits, or starchy carbs.

Here was breakfast…

Juice 1-11

This turned into our morning juice. It was an improvised recipe including: kale, chard, parsley, cucumber, celery, dandelion root, and lemon.

After this juice I had a little raw almond butter and than a plant based protein shake. I had more strength today, so I did the P90X Back and Biceps with Ab Ripper X workout. After my workout, I continued my eating orgy with another protein shake and an oatmeal blend. As the day went on I added tempeh, cucumbers, and broccoli. Of course, lots of alkaline water and water with chia seeds, etc.

Mary and I had the pleasure of seeing a special screening of “Silver Linings Playbook” this evening which was followed by a Q&A of the entire cast! On the way home we stopped at the Sun Cafe for some delicious organic raw food. I have noticed that my taste buds have never been more alive. Everything is so delicious and I feel great putting this optimum fuel into my body. I have also learned that eating less at a time is so much better for me. So instead of eating everything we ordered tonight, we ate until we were satisfied but not full and brought the rest home. My digestive system is so much happier… no bloating or discomfort like I have gotten in the past when eating a big meal. As a matter of fact, I am already hungry again, so I’m going to go eat more! Yay! 2 more days of this and then back to juice. Before I go… my thought for the day…

Waiting to develop courage is just another form of procrastination. The most successful people take action while they’re afraid!

Nite nite.

Juice Cleanse! Day 4!

Holy smokes… is it Day 4 already?! STILL going strong! To be honest, I didn’t feel so great this morning. I felt groggy and quite hungry. It was hard to get moving and get my day on. But I pulled through. After my morning juice, I took a spoonful of coconut oil and then did the P90X – X Stretch. That proved to be a good idea as my body just needed to be stretched out and loosened up. I finished it off with some nice breathing and meditation and was then focused and ready to go. I ended up having a great day today. Lot’s of good business things are going on and as the day went on I felt better and better. I am drinking my 4th juice of the day right now. I also drank plenty of alkaline water today, including a bottle of water with chia seeds. I’ll have some good decaf green tea in a bit and that should be good til morning.

We juiced the last of our supply this afternoon, so I went out and picked up a lot more great organic juicing veggies. I got all of the same stuff I mentioned yesterday and added Bok Choy and Dandelion root as well. I also picked up FOOD! Yep… tomorrow is eating day 1 of 3! I haven’t been this excited about food in a while. lol. I will be able to eat all I want as long as it is clean proteins and veggies and a little bit of fat. Basically I will be eating very alkaline foods and nothing processed. This is the way I will mostly be eating once this cleanse is done, so this is good training. I will post tomorrow about the foods I ate and the experience of actually eating after 4 days of nothing but juice. Until then… have a fantastic night!

Juice Cleanse! Day 3!

I’m still going strong! Three straight days of juicing and I’m rockin! Sure, I’m hungry and have had some strange fantasies of food, but I guess that’s to be expected. lol. Considering I normally eat constantly throughout a day, this has certainly been a big change for me. But I am doing well. I’m drinking my 5th juice of the day as I type this and today I also had a teaspoon of coconut oil before my workout, a shot of apple cider vinegar, green tea, and lots of water with chia seeds. The juices are mostly green food concentrated… spinach, kale, chard, cucumbers, celery, parsley, cabbage, lettuce, ginger, lemons, limes, etc. And of course, ALL organic. I have been following the recipes in the program as well as doing some improvising on my own. These juices can actually be quite good and they do cure my hunger… at least for a little while. 😉
Here’s what our fridge looked like after shopping the other day…

Packed Fridge

And that’s just part of it! haha. Tomorrow we will probably have to stock up again as supplies are dwindling. And speaking of tomorrow, it will be Day 4 of the cleanse. On Day 5, I can start eating! Boy am I excited. 🙂  But that will only last 3 days before returning to Round 2 of juicing.

My workout today was the Turbo Fire 45 minute ez cardio workout. I had wanted to do some weights, but my strength was just not there. But… when juicing, you really are not supposed to do weights or strenuous workouts, so I guess my body is in compliance with the program. I will do more light cardio tomorrow and then hit some weights on day 5 when I’m eating.

At times this has been difficult and at times it has not. I know that I am doing something amazing for my body and that alone is inspiration to keep going strong. I can already feel my body changing and that is a pretty wild experience. I’m excited to continue along this journey.

Have a beautiful night!

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” -John C. Maxwell