P90X – Round 2, Day 43!

A little 2 day break and I’m back!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

I know I’ve been MIA the last 2 days.  We actually had a lot of stuff going on, including an afternoon of re-organizing at our storage unit on Sunday.  Well, I improperly picked up a box and felt it down the left side of my back.  AH!  I tried to hold off frustration and instead used ice and rest.  I actually woke up yesterday feeling a little sore, but pretty good overall.  I decided that since I had completed another 3 week cycle of the program, that I would give myself 2 full days of rest before moving on.  I woke up today and I was better!  Thank goodness, only a little pull that healed fast.

Now, I am in the off-week again.  Since I’m on round 2 of this and have been mixing things up a little along the way, I am going to continue with that trend and mix up the off-week.   I am also going to make it considerably shorter as I want to stay in stride with my weight training.  So today I hit Core Synergistics.  I’ll do this one anytime!  I feel this is the best overall body workout in the program because it hits everywhere, including cardio, while focusing on the core muscles.  I am always a sweaty mess after this workout and today was no exception.  And my back feels good which makes me happy.

I’m not exactly sure what routines I will do this week or how many days I’ll take before hitting the weights again.  It may only be 2.  But I’m going to continue to do the work my body is asking for and keep bringing it hard.  Have a great day!  Oh… and dig on this little ditty I posted yesterday…

Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anyone else. Keep fighting friends… go after your dreams… never, ever, EVER give up!

P90X – Round 2, Day 24!

Hit it hard and hittin’ the road!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

Great morning thus far.  Knocked out the crazy core workout and still sweating hard.  This workout brings it and I always feel like an animal afterwards. lol.  I must keep this posting very short as we are in the middle of a busy day and need to head out now to a meeting.  I hope you all are having a great day as well.  And here’s a little inspiration to motivate you…

“The road of success is like running up an escalator going down, you need to keep running, if you walk, you stand still, if you stop you are going down!” -Anneloes Zuiderveen

P90X – Round 2, Day 20!

I do love this workout!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

The last time I did the Core Synergistics workout was on Day 90 of my 1st round of P90X.  Now almost 4 weeks later, I am back on it.  Today is actually day 1 of the ‘off week’ for me.  The calendar called for Yoga, however, I did the X Stretch around midnight last night and I was ready to get up and get physical today.  I will probably improvise a little further this week as well.  After all, this is round 2 for me… I think I’m allowed to.  😉

The Core workout is a mighty fine one, covering almost every major muscle group in the body with the emphasis of course on the core.  I was going hard and sweating all over the place.  I feel totally worked out and absolutely fantastic right now.  I am ready to continue my productive afternoon and will follow that up with a couple of Cinco de Mayo parties!  And while we’re on that subject, here are 2 good links with lot’s of Cinco de Mayo recipes for the health conscious out there… all Vegan too. http://www.vegparadise.com/cookingwith85.html  and  http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2012/05/04/11-vegan-mexican-recipes/

And finally, while this is not an ‘apples to apples’ before and after comparison photo, I figured to at least share a current photo of where I am at after working out so hard for the last few months.  This is just a little camera-phone pic taken right after I completed my workout today… sweat and all!  🙂

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  And a little inspirational quote to wrap up with…
“You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.” -Sheila Graham

P90X – Round 2, Day 19!

A beautiful way to end the day…

P90X  –  X Stretch
Total Time = 63 Minutes

It was a great week… very busy and lot’s of good things in the works.  I got right to work this morning and went right up until I had to leave for band rehearsal.  A nice 2 hours of drumming got the calories burning.  My band DropDead L.A. also finished writing another new tune tonight.  Btw… we’ll be playing next on May 15th at Boardners in Hollywood.

I got home from rehearsal, fueled up with a Larabar, and then decided to zen out and do my X Stretch class.  It was a nice workout and I added a few stretches of my own at the end plus did a little meditation.  The perfect way to wind down the week.  Even tho there is plenty of work to do this weekend.  I’m feeling nice and loose now.  Gonna unwind and relax until a pass out. lol.

Tomorrow starts week 4 which is the off week consisting of yoga, core, stretching, kenpo, etc.  I will probably alternate the workouts a little this time around.  For example, tomorrow is yoga, but I just finished stretching, so I will probably do the Core Synergistics instead.  You know I’ll keep you posted either way. 🙂

I wish you all an amazing weekend.

And one more thing…
They were not only groundbreaking musically, but they used their public voices to make a difference. Thank you, rest in peace, & may your message live on.

Workout Day 90!

Yes that is correct.  I just completed 90 out of 90 workouts in the P90X program!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

What a way to finish strong!  This workout kicks ass and I’m glad I adjusted my schedule so that I would end on a Core day.  I was sweating so much today that I needed a separate towel to keep wiping down the floor so I wouldn’t slip.  What does that tell you about a full body intense workout?!  I feel amazing right now.  And I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I stuck strong to this program.  With my crazy life and work schedule, it still only took me 102 days to complete the program.  And of those 12 extra days, I did about 4 other workouts such as nature hikes and a gym workout.  Therefore, in 102 days, I only actually took 8 days off to rest! And 2 of those days were due to slight injury.  How’s THAT for commitment?!

I have truly enjoyed this program.  It was more intense than the standard gym workouts I was used to and it was very convenient to do at home, saving me time and gas money.  I feel that I have made great gains in my stamina, flexibility, core strength, and overall body composition.  I have definitely leaned out and I am getting much closer to my overall physical appearance goals.  It was definitely an interesting challenge as I switched to an all-plant based diet the day I began this program.  So the adjustment to that along with the learning curve on how to eat and supplement properly has been an equal part of my growth and experience.  I feel that I truly understand my diet and my body much more now and I think this is only the beginning of where my health and body is heading.

I have also truly enjoyed blogging my daily workouts.  This is something that I have never done before.  I think it is great though.  It keeps me accountable to stay on track.  It also shows everyone out there that you need to stay committed and keep bringing it hard every day.  There is no easy way to fitness.  It is a good diet, a positive attitude, and a lot of continuous hard work.  I have chosen to make my health and fitness life public in hopes of inspiring others to live healthier and happier lives.  And just because I completed my first P90X program, it doesn’t mean that I will just stop blogging.  Oh no… you ain’t getting off THAT easy! lol.  I am going to continue posting daily.  I am going to share even more recipes and fitness tips and will keep passing on good information as I learn more myself.  And I am totally open to YOUR involvement.  Please send me your questions, comments, ideas, etc.  We are all in this together!

So what’s next for me?!  I honestly don’t know yet! haha.  I will be working out again tomorrow morning, that is for sure.  Will I go to the gym?  Will I start P90X all over again from the beginning?  Will I try P90X2 or Insanity?  Or maybe a mashup?  We’ll see.  But I am excited to continue on my journey.  I will definitely have to do the fit test again as well as some more photos so I can show you some of my results.

But before anything else, I need to get ready to play a gig tonight!  I am playing drums with the band DropDead L.A. at the Viper Room tonight.  If you’re in the L.A. area, come on down and hang.  We play at 10pm and we have a $5 guest list.  Just join our event page on facebook and add your name and guests to the wall BEFORE 5pm today! https://www.facebook.com/events/245823375513885/

Ok… long blog, but I had lots to share.  I need to go eat!  And get back to work and then get ready to rock.  Thank you for continuing to read my posts and stay tuned for lots more.  Have an amazing day my friends!  🙂

Workout Day 86!

Another intense core workout today!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

Man this workout is a killer.  But it’s a damn good one!  It was a little harder for me to get into it today… I was feeling pretty tired this morning.  But I pushed myself and even when I was totally winded, I kept on pushing.  Once again, this is a full body blast and I am feeling it from head to toe.

I am now in my final week of the 90 day program with only a few workouts to go.  And this final week is only core, kenpo, yoga, and stretching.  I had missed a couple yoga workouts early on, so I need to do a couple make-ups.  Instead of stacking several yoga days in a row, I may do one more yoga and add in another Core Synergistics workout so I can finish strong!

As I said a few blogs back, it took me a while before I started seeing changes from this program.  Well… at least on a visual level.  I certainly gained flexibility and endurance early on.  But my physical appearance really started to show obvious signs of change only a few weeks ago.  While I did feel a bit frustrated early on, I did not let that stop me.  I wasn’t sure going in how my body would change.  At first I thought since I was already in good shape, that I would immediately shred up.  But after a while, it became apparent to me that my changes would show themselves slower because I didn’t have a dramatic amount of weight to lose or anything of the like.  I can also attribute some of this to the fact that I have been adjusting to an all plant-based diet which certainly took some time to figure out.  I am still learning, but I have found things that work for me now and it is helping along with my gains.

So what next after I complete Day 90?!  I dunno!  I do miss the gym… maybe I’ll hit some weights here and there.  Maybe I’ll start P90X over from the beginning and do another 90 days with some variations.  While I do miss the gym, I DO NOT miss the extra time and gas money wasted on the 20 minute drive to and from the gym.  This workout program has certainly freed up my schedule a bit, especially on days when time was short.  So we’ll see.  I know there is a P90X 2, but I’m not ready to make that financial commitment at this time.  Maybe soon.

Keeping working hard friends!  Have a great day!

Workout Day 82!

Now THAT’S  the way to come back strong!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

After a tough day yesterday, I came back on a total high note this morning and hit the Core workout hard!  Man if there is any workout in this program that is the full body blast, it is Core Synergistics!  I was sweating hard, breathing hard, and working hard.  My entire body is totally spent right now from the workout that I just put in.  And it feels oh so good.  🙂

Before I started my workout this morning, I found this quote and shared it on my facebook.  I wanted to share it here as well.  I wish you all a beautiful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Workout Day 54!

Ohhh yeah.

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

That hit the spot.  Haha.  Core Synergistics is still one helluva workout.  Not as hard as Plyometrics, but this one kicks butt.  I feel it in every part of my body… and that’s a good thing!

This week has been busy with some amazing stuff going on.  Therefore, my morning workout plan has not really been possible.  That’s ok.  I have still managed to get em all in this week, even though they have been in the evenings.  I am feeling amazing right now both physically and spiritually.  I plan to get up early tomorrow and get my workout in first thing because I have a lot to take care of.  And Friday is a big day for me… more news on that coming soon. 😉

Have a beautiful night my friends!

Workout Day 51!

Wow I’m cooked!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

That was a fantastic way to wrap up the weekend.  Though I would have preferred to do it earlier, today was a busy one as Mary did another full headshot photo shoot for me.  I got some amazing photos today to add to my updated casting profiles.  Thanks Mary!  You rock!  🙂  So, that during the day plus a hard core workout at night makes for a happy Sunday and a happy Justin.

The Core Synergistics is a great workout.  Of all the P90X workouts, this is the one that hits the full body.  I am feeling it from head to toe!  Now, I am ready to relax with my wife and cat, have some food, watch some “Walking Dead” and go to bed.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend and I wish you a beautiful week ahead!

Workout Day 26!

Yeah baby!

P90X – Core Synergistics
Total Time = 63 Minutes

That was hard ‘core’. 😉  I haven’t sweated this much since the last Plyometrics workout.  I feel awesome right now!  When I did Core Synergistics a few days ago, it was intense… but it was my first time following that workout so I not only was learning the new moves, but was also in the process of keeping the focus on the core.  Today I had the moves down and I worked extra hard to keep my core muscles engaged the entire time.  Let me tell you that it was a lot harder but A LOT more effective.  I also feel that adding the X Stretch last night as a 2nd workout of the day really helped me this morning because my body was more fluid and I was able to jump in easier.  I am feeling great and ready to continue tackling the day.  I think I may throw a couple more posts in today though.  Stay tuned and have an amazing day!