P90X – Round 2, Day 44!

That was very much needed!

P90X  –  X Stretch
Total Time = 63 Minutes

It’s day 2 of what will be a shortened ‘off-week’.  Yesterday’s Core Synergistics kicked my butt!  I was sore and stiff all day today.  I also had a lot of work to do and pretty much worked from the minute I got up until about an hour ago.  As I am picking and choosing the workouts of this week, I felt that a nice X Stretch was in order.  And boy was I right.  I went through it and my muscles opened up more and more with each minute.  My body relaxed deep into the stretches as I incorporated a more yoga style of breathing.  It felt damn good.  When I finished, I did a few more stretches and followed it with meditation and ohms.  I now feel flexible, relaxed, and centered.  Perfect.  🙂  Have a beautiful evening.

P90X – Round 2, Day 41!

Haven’t had that intense of a workout in a while!

P90X – Legs and Back
P90X – Ab Ripper X
Total Time = 80 Minutes

Boom! Big time workout this morning.  I’m glad I did the stretch class last night in lieu of yoga.  I have always wondered why we do the yoga day before the leg day because that yoga workout usually leads to some pretty sore legs.  Also, we do ab ripper x on day 3, then an ab workout with yoga on day 4, then ab ripper x again on leg day.  Hmmm… well, I’m not going to argue with the programmers of P90X, but I am allowed to switch things up as I feel are best for me.  And I feel that doing yoga on day 7 of the week is a better place for it.  I was flexible and loose and ready to work this morning.  I pushed myself deeper into the leg exercises than ever before.  I was sweating hard and breathing heavy.  I worked my legs harder today than probably ever since beginning P90X.  And my pull-ups were strong today as well with no other upper body work to cause fatigue.  I brought one of my drum thrones down by my chin-up bar today and on each set after I burned out on reps, I threw my feet on the throne so I could keep going.  I felt a deeper burn in my back this way… very effective.  It was a solid workout and I was toast!  But then… it was time for abs.  I dug in deep and worked my abs hard today.  I was serious at the top when I said this was one of the more intense workouts I’ve had in a while.  I am still feeling the after burn and I’ve been done for an hour and a half!  I love this feeling.  And I love doing workouts like these in the morning… I really do have more in me to complete them and it also feels great having accomplished that before noon.  And with that… it is time to eat again and get back to work.  I hope you all had a great week and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead.  And here’s my inspirational quote of the day…

Life is short, fragile, and does not wait for anyone. There will NEVER be a perfect time to pursue your dreams & goals… yet it is ALWAYS a perfect time.

Workout Day 67!

Ahhh… Sunset Stretch…

P90X  –  X Stretch
Total Time = 63 Minutes

Now that’s a beautiful way to watch the sun fade away.  I felt the breeze from the east while I watched the sun set to the west and then I began my stretch class.  For the first time, I played the DVD with just the voice and not the music.  Instead I kept it low and fell into a deeper state of stretch with the external soundtrack that Mary provided from her speakers.  Ya know the music… middle eastern instruments, yoga inspired, getting a Thai massage… it was a nice accompaniment to my workout.  My body felt very good and I was able to go deeper into my stretches than any other stretch workout prior.  This is the one class that I actually hate when it ends cuz I usually feel like I could keep going… which I did tonight.  I added a few more minutes of my own stretches in areas I wanted to work a little more.  Now I am feeling great… had a solid productive day.  Gonna get a little more work done and then relax with my lady.

Before I go I wanted to share a goal that I have had for a while but never believed I could really accomplish.  I was inspired tonight during stretch to set forth that goal to achieve by the end of the year.  I want to be able to do the splits by December.  It will take work… but I want to become the most flexible of my life and I will achieve that.

Wishing you all a beautiful night.

Workout Day 58!

I used Yoga & Plyometrics at my photo shoot today!  What?!  First things first…

P90X – Yoga X
Total Time = 98 Minutes

I had a beautiful yoga practice this morning… even though I had to wrap it up quickly and get ready to go.  Therefore I am blogging now instead.  More on that in a minute.  During Yoga today I was feeling the most flexible that I have since beginning P90X.  Also, I usually dread the first half of the workout and cannot wait until the 2nd half begins.  But today it didn’t seem all that bad.  It is still hard, but I flowed through it much better and with less frustration.  Overall I am feeling great around my entire body and actually looking forward to the next yoga practice.

Now on to the other stuff.  I received a call this morning and was booked to model promo photos for the upcoming film “Rock of Ages”.  When I wrapped up my yoga, I immediately had to get myself in full rock n’ roll hair, make-up, and wardrobe and head down to the studio in Venice.  We shot all kinds of cool body part inserts, rockstar hero poses with a guitar, jamming out and flying all over the studio, etc.  For the rockstar pose, I had to spread my legs as wide as possible and was able to do so thanks to yoga this morning.  I even said to the photographer that it was good I had practiced yoga before coming in.  I was practically in a triangle pose! haha.  Then they wanted shots of me jumping with the guitar like I was on stage.  So, I pulled out the Rockstar hops from the Plyometrics workout!  They were amazed at how high I was able to get and loved the pics!  I guess these workouts are paying off in more ways than one!  🙂  Anyway… the raw pics look rad!  I can’t wait to see what they turn them into… possibly will be movie posters, billboards, etc. Wish I could share the photos now but I must wait until they come out. So stay tuned!  And have a beautiful evening.


Workout Day 11!

That’s the way to start the day!

P90X – Yoga X
Total Time = 98 Minutes

Ahhhh Yoga.  How I have missed you.  I am feeling loose, relaxed, open, and energized.  Last week I struggled with the yoga day.  It had been a looong time since I had last practiced yoga.  My body was tight and to be honest, I was a little resistant.  Today I dove right in and pushed myself even harder.  I am still working on quieting my mind and staying completely focused on the just the work.  That is something that will come over time.  However, I was able to go further with the stretches and hold the poses longer than last week.  Between the yoga and the P90X X Stretch, I am already noticing an improvement in my flexibility.

I must find a way to get started earlier still.  We were working all weekend and we were up late last night getting things done.  It was hard to sleep for many reasons, and therefore hard to get up and at em at the early hour that I would like to start.  Plus I had to address some business first today.  I know this is a work in progress as I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember.  But I am working towards this and that will have to do.  I think that I will be able to be more focused, especially with the yoga, if I am able to do it earlier because the business day is happening, the phones are ringing, and my mind is in too many places.  I could also achieve this by doing yoga later in the evening, however, that does not bring me closer to my morning goals.  So… I still have work to do in many areas… but I myself am a work in progress and I will continue to do my best every day.  And that is what you should do as well.  Keep pushing and be your best every single day.

I wish you all a beautiful and productive afternoon.